CLI control of cellular connection - balance 30 LTE

System​: Balance 30 LTE, firmware 6.3.2s027
Use case: Programmatic control of the cellular connection
Question: is there a CLI command that allows me to change the preferred SIM?

Background: Our systems are configured with two SIMs each, Verizon and AT&T. We would like to have scripts automating the choice of which SIM to use that we can execute on our network admin computer, using SSH+CLI.

There is no ability to control the WAN settings via SSH/CLI that I’m aware of.

That’s too bad. In many systems the CLI set of commands include (and then add to) the set of operations available via the GUI. I was hoping for that w.r.t. the Peplink equipment as well.

There was talk of a device API being in the works… that might help? Peplink | Pepwave - Forum