Cisco VPN through Balance 50

is anyone aware of any setting in balance 50 that could cause packets drops withn a a cisco VPN channel ( dial up via anyconnect )

the scenario is : client connects to vpn and immediately experiences packets drops ( continous ping to an end point with the destination network times out intermittently ) jitter is high. Another client on the same end pings the cisco vpn public address and a continous ping test shows a flawless low jitter link.

How is the connectivity to the VPN gateway (without the VPN tunnel), for the mentioned client with connectivity issue?

Flawless, that is the interesting thing. I have 2 command prompts opened

LEFT hand side I ping the DNS server that i receive once the VPN tunnel is established. the quality of that ping is clearly bad, packets are dropped constantly, latency goes up and down from 300 down to 47 back to 200 etc etc

On the right hand side i keep a constant ping to the external gateway which the VPN uses ( VPN uses DTLS protocol )

obviously the right hs command prompt shows no response until i disconnect from the VPN, as i DO that the external gateway start responding, no packets drop and very stable jitter

I can not figure out what could be causing this. I have not yet had time to try bypassing the balance 50. i will do that soonish…

Do try that out and update here with your result.

As always, make sure your unit is on our latest firmware version.
Another possible configure setting that comes into my mind will be to try enabling IPsec NAT-T.
It should be under Network > Service Passthrough.