Change used SIM Card via Terminal

Good Morning erveryone,

is there a possibility to change the “used” SIM Card via Konsole / Terminal?
I habe a BR1 SLIM in use and a very bad Connection with a lot of Packet Loss. The Webinterface is not avaible for me. But its possible for me to us the Terminal.

Thanks for help!


Do you mean want to change cellular WAN settings via CLI?

… cli command like: get wan1 - toggle sim
may be what r00t27 is looking for.

Yes! Thats what i am looking for.

@r00t27, CLI allows getting device status, not changing the settings. You may refer our CLI guide below.

I suggest looking for another ISP if possible. I believe you will having problem with CLI if the WAN link there is unstable.

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Ok. So I have no possibility without the Webinterface to trigger a Change?

When i have one Device, with one Modem and two diffrent ISPs SIM Cards installed.
And i see that one SIM Card has a latency with 5000ms, thats the Point where i would like to Change the instaled SIM.
My Device is far away from my Office and maybe on top i have some Packet loss…
The Webinterface is not reachable … What can i do?

Just understand my Point. I prefer the easy Way, before i have to make a big tour for just a connect and press two Buttons in the Webinterface.


The packet loss does/could not trigger a health check failure (which could be set to automatically switching SIM card)?