Change tunnel wan order without dropping speedfusion tunnel

We primary use speed fusion tunnels for sip/rtp traffic.
This suggestion would be for all devices across the pepwave\peplink line that supports pepvpn or speedfusion tunnels.

Often we have to change the order of wans to temporarily provide better service due to packet loss for our customers. We change the wan order on the tunnels from wan (p1) cell (p2) to wan (p2) cell (p1).
This allows the tunnel to prefer to send the traffic over the cell which resolves the temporary issue that their wired wan connection has.
When only changing the wan order of the tunnel the connection drops and has to reconnect which looses calls in progress.

If all of the wans involved in the tunnel are the same, they are just in a different order the speedfusion tunnel should stay up. If it’s easier to add a re-order wans on the status page that would work fine as well as I know you can temporarily disable one of the wan on the test screen there, but I think it re-enables 15 mins later.

I’ve tried adding multiple tunnels but with hundreds of customers/tunnels already it overly complicates things as you need multiple tunnels and additional outbound policies on each side of the tunnel.

Separate from this discussion I’d like to revisit why we can’t get alerts on packet loss , or a trigger to change wans on packet loss, see post: Add packet loss trigger for speedfusion failover