Change message / Disable setting up OpenVPN without DHCP server on router

If you configure remote user access for OpenVPN without a DHCP server on the Peplink router, you receive a warning.

This message would indicate that as long as there is a DHCP server on the network, the OpenVPN clients will be able to connect to the network.

However, OpenVPN requires a DHCP server must be configured on the Peplink router for the VLAN the remote users are connecting to.

Preferably, OpenVPN would be supported with a DHCP server elsewhere on the network.
If that is not an option, could the messaging in the router interface be changed to reflect that OpenVPN isn’t supported without a DHCP server configured on the VLAN? This would help avoid issues and save customers time and energy trying to troubleshoot something that is not compatible.
Something similar to the messaging regarding drop in mode not being compatible with remote user access would be a great option for example.