Change FusionHub configuration without InControl2

How can I change PepVPN FusionHub settings when I do not have InControl2? I want to switch to encryption, do some testing, but I cannot figure out how to update it. It seems that it’s only possible to create a new profile, but then I will have to ditch the old one…

Did you previously use IC2 to configure the PepVPN? If so make sure IC2 is no longer trying to manage the config.

Anyway, you should be able to just enable / disable encryption from the SF profile on either the hub end or the remote end.

In the GUI go to the SF config, click the name of the profile you want to edit and then you should get a box with all the config / options. Encryption is near the top of the list either on or off.

Make the change on the hub and remote side for consistency too.