Centralized Content Blocking from InControl2


Important RFP includes centralized content blocking for several sites. Avoid SpeedFusion to send all traffic to a central site but to take content blocking rules from InControl2. The ability to define content blocking in InControl2 and apply to a group of Balance units at once; similar to WiFi centralized SSID definition that “replicates” to all group devices.

This is a solid request in order to satisfy RFP. Hopefully you can suggest a solution.

I assume you’re referring to the Web Blocking feature instead. We will certainly add Web Blocking settings to IC2 in the future. However could you please refer to this post and check if the Bulk Configurator would help?

Hi Michael, sorry for the late response. I know that we are not a Firewall complete solution -yet?- but I feel that we can do this in the future. In a central location, new sites/categories are added at all times from a third party provider and all subscribed customers using IC2 benefit from this leaving the web blocking feature to be fresh all the time. I think that advanced systems work this way.