Cellular Performance Threshold New Feature Request

When a cellular connection’s performance is unsatisfactory it can generally be attributed to one of two causes. First is poor signal. This is generally readily apparent and can be addressed by Signal Threshold Setting. Not addressed by currently available settings is delivered bandwidth. Frequently signal levels are good but performance is poor or worse. This poor cellular performance is often caused by cell site congestion and has a number of possible causes all within the carrier’s area of responsibility. It would be very useful to provide a minimum acceptable bandwidth setting with both downstream and upstream parameters. This would enable switching to an alternate provider in the manner of the Signal Threshold Setting.


I’ve raised this request as well, this is a great idea.

Sounds good, but is it really feasible?

Wouldnt the health checking involved in this cause undo amounts of bandwidth to be consumed? How many GB might this incur each month?

Standard health checks are very lightweight. Throughput testing would need to continuously be transmitting/receiving big data blobs. Using extremely small files may not accurately test throughput…

The hosting provider of the throughput testing could also incur significant bandwidth consumption which is costly… plus how could you be certain that the upstream throughput testing POP isnt what is bottle-necked? so many challenges with doing this I think…

I agree that a granular performance test could have substantial overhead. It would also be somewhat complex to implement. Frankly, the issue that most often presents is a connection with good signal but with no traffic is passing at all, not seriously degraded performance. I’d be happy with a health check that just verified that a connection was in fact passing traffic and switching to an alternate SIM if it’s not.