Cellular LTE Band and Tower Logging


I’m going to be working on improving cell quality at a difficult location this summer. Have a Max BR1 mini that has done really well overall. In looking at antenna selection, I find that I’m sometimes getting LTE-A, sometimes 700, sometimes 1700 only.

Is there any way to log or graph the band that’s connected over time so I could see what percentage of the time I’m getting LTE-A, what percentage I’m only connecting on 700, etc?

While I’m at it, is there a way to log what tower I’m actually connecting to over time to see if I’m switching between two different towers which are both within line of sight to omni antenna?

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Excellent idea! I would also be curious if there is ability to have a “site survey” function where you press a button and it checks all available bands, signals, and possibly even runs a speed test. Could be a HUGE help for those looking to deploy Peplink solutions.


I will throw in third request for this ability. The ability to lock in to what’s working and block what’s not would be a beautiful thing.


The report is available in the IC2 --> Organization --> group —> Device Level —> Cellular Reports


The same reports have been renamed to Wan Quality Reports.

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Suggest you check out this thread I started a few years back: Extreme range BR1

No reason you couldn’t point one antenna at one cell site and the other antenna at another. Just need to use the right combiner/splitter and you could use multiple antennas