Cellular IP address remote access issus

On a Balance 30 LTE I have WAN-1 connected to the internet and have functional port forwarding.
When we change to cellular, port forwarding fails.

In the dashboard the cellular IP is 10.145.x.x.
Whatismyip show the IP as 107.77.x.x.

I’m pretty sure I can’t route to 10.x.x.x, but an external source shows the IP as 107.x.x.x.
Is this a router issue or an AT&T ISP issue?
Why are there 2 IPs shown for the cellular connection?

Thanks for the help

On my cell phone, I turned off WiFi and browsed to whatismyip.
It shows,

Your IPv4 is: 107.77.x.x.
Your Local IP is: 10.14.x.x

Hi Mavtech…Welcome to the forum !

This is a provider grade NAT on your Cellular WAN.