Cellular Connected/Disconnected Notifications

I was wondering if somebody might be able to help me please with some questions I have. I have a Max Transit BR-1 MK2 installed where only a T-Mobile 4G/LTE Cellular connection is being used. The Wifi/WAN radios are disabled as is the WAN port.

I am getting cellular disconnects and reconnect notifications every time the frequency being used changes. The system changes every once in a while across 700MHz, 1900/2100MHz and 2500MHz. Every time this happens there is a WAN address change and a brief loss of connection. I am not sure if this is normal but the main issue I have is the notifications I receive which have been a real nuisance.

I would like to still receive notifications when the connection has dropped for longer periods (reported when back online) and have changed the time settings for the health checks and it would appear that it has absolutely no affect on the notifications. I still get them despite choosing timeout at 10 seconds, 30 seconds between retries, 5 retries before fail, and 1 retry for back up. Am I missing something or isn’t that 2 mins 40 seconds before the connection is deemed as disconnected, with any success as resetting. I’ve tried even tolerant settings than this and it still happens, and it happens with DNS, SmartCheck and Ping.

If this is a basic dumb questions I apologize, but it’s beyond me. Thanks.