Cellular bandwidth allowance monitor addition

Hi Team,
A feature request to the cellular Bandwidth Allowance Monitor has been brought to our attention that we think could be of interest to others in the community as well.
The basic idea would be an option to limit the bandwidth after a certain amount of data has been reached.

For example,
I have a 100MB data plan. After I reach 90MB I’d like to throttle the bandwidth allowed out that Cellular connection to say 8mbps to help minimize overages or ensure I have data for the remainder of my billing cycle.

Alternatively, maybe I don’t want to throttle the bandwidth until I’ve reached my 100MB limit and start paying overages. In that case, I could set the bandwidth limitation to begin at 100MB instead of 90MB.


This would be fantastic. If we have a 30 Gig data plan and our customer is approaching an overage… it would be nice to be able to throttle the data down to 600K or 1 Meg etc…

maybe even setting a daily limit… if we have 30 gig monthly… set it to slow down after hitting 90% of 1 gig daily limit… this would insure data spread out over the whole month