Cell Phone Hot Spot as backup profile not working

I have the “Device Connector Rugged” mounted on my sailboat. Just bought it 2 days ago. Looks like its going to do everything I need it to do, but having a little trouble with the setup.

I have a sailboat which is at a dock in a marina with WIFI. I am setting up the rugged device connector to have a NAS disk attached to it and use that to play movies and TV shows on the boat. The boat would have its own wifi network (call its SSID “boat”). When at the dock I want the PepWave device to connect to the marina wifi network (call its SSID “marina”). When I go out on the boat, it obviously would not be able to connect to “marina” so I have set up secondary priority profiles for two cell phones which would be broadcasting hot-spots. These hot spots are able to be picked up on a normal windows or MAC machine and their SSID’s show up just like any others. Both are iPhones, although one is an iphone7 and the other is an iphone6.

Current situation: The “boat” wifi network broadcasts fine and is connected to fine. The “marina” network is backing up the “boat” network just fine and connections flow thru “boat” to “marina” no problem. When I delete the marina network (I’m currently at the dock typing this) to see what would happen if I was out somewhere else, it just keeps scanning and does not connect to the hot-spots I set up as “secondary priority profiles”

Am I doing something wrong? Is there magic not in the manual?


Just to confirm the issue are related to “Device Connector Rugged” WIFI WAN fail to connect to the IPhone Hotspot ? If yes, can you confirm the following :slight_smile: :

  1. What is the SSID name broadcast from the Iphones ? Can you please change the SSID to simple name and try again ?

  2. Make sure the issue are not related to the Iphone hotspot auto turn off issue.

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