Cell phone connection to MAX BR1 MK2

I have a MAX BR1 MK2 with a Verizon SIM, installed in my RV. I live in the RV full time and travel throughout the US.

Many times I have poor cell reception in remote areas and I have installed a Poynting 5 in 1 MIMO antenna on the roof of the RV. I get much better reception now.

I connect to the internet using Pepwave’s WIFI.

My question is this: Is there a way to transmit the improved cell signal made possible by the MIMO antenna, from the Pepwave to the interior of the RV? In other words, I would like to have better cell reception on my phone as well.

I know that cell boosters have an inside antenna that transmits the boosted cell signal to a phone. I guess what I’m looking for is an inside antenna that can be connected to the Pepwave. Does such an antenna, or something similar, exist? If not, is there another way to achieve my objective, other than a cell booster?

My phone can also make calls over WIFI, but I found that its not as reliable as a cellular signal.

Thank you