Cat 18 router GPS fowarding

Do you know if there is a way to auto send an email with GPS coordinates to an email or generate an email that sends everyday while auto filling the GPS information.

Predict wind offers a tracking page for cruisers and iridium go will auto update it, or you can manually do it with an email. Looking for a way to automate the process.
Format is

[optional date and time]
e.g. [email protected] -36.23426 176.25142 2018-05-14 13:45+1200

There is no auto email of gps location that I am aware of.

The traditional way to do what you want is GPS forwarding in Advanced > Misc. Settings | GPS Forwarding where you would put their server details, set the update frequency and then the MAX would send them NMEA sentences. Would that work?

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They said it wouldn’t, because they are set up for iridium or optimizer gps uploads… But I actually got it to work about ten min ago, so you were right! Thanks!


Hi Jake. Were you able to automate the process, as you first suggested? Just curious as to the approach you took in doing so.

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