[Case study] Rapid deployment camera network for Police

Case study
Rapid deployment camera network for Police

As a police unit we support uniformed personnel with rapid deployment camera’s, on an ad-hoc basis, in case of incidents and emergency’s.

This can mean mounting camera’s on portable extendable masts, light posts, mounting on walls and other surfaces. We also have the use of two dedicated vehicles, each equipped with an HD IP camera mounted on an extendable mast.

The use of live camera feeds are essential to aid Crisis Management Teams and field commanders in their Common Operational Picture. A network that facilitates in a high quality internet connection to view live streaming HD video to both offices and field scenario’s is therefore considered a mission critical infrastructure.

As for connectivity and the backbone of this infrastructure we decided to incorporate Peplink products because of its robust (mobile) connectivity and ease of use in creating a secure L2 network with 256 bit AES encryption.

Rapid Deployment Camera’s
These camera’s are connected to a Pepwave Max BR-1 Mini, mounted in a ruggedized case with a powerful battery and PoE midspan to provide power and connectivity to different sorts of camera’s connected to it.

Camera vehicle
Both vehicles have HD IP camera’s mounted on an extendable pole (3-5 meters) and can be PTZ controlled from within the car or control room remotely. Vehicle one is 4x4 capable and vehicle two has an additional tripod camera that can be deployed and connected to the vehicle. Products used are a Pepwave Max BR-1 Mini LTEA and Pepwave Max HD2 Mini respectively.

CCTV software
NVR and VMS solutions are provided by Milestone XProtect software suite.

Viewing Devices
In the offices there are servers and clients connected to the Balance Ones and in the field there’s a Command Viewing kit with a Pepwave Max BR-1 Mini integrated.

Additionally there are smartphones and tablets that uses the Milestone Mobile app to view the live streams in the field, connected via the OpenVPN profiles via the Remote User Access feature.

Needless to say we are very happy with how we setup the network and the ease of use of integrating all the Peplink products. A real bonus is the InControl2 platform to configure everything and maintain every device.

As a police unit we must be sure that our network is not only reliable but also very secure, scalable and flexible. These are things we’ve come to rely on for Peplink to provide and continue to do so with knowing that the Peplink team will provide firmware updates for their products for years to come!

Products used
Pepwave Max HD2 Mini
Pepwave Max BR-1 Mini
Balance One


Do the cameras offer a 360 degree view?

Yes, all camera’s are 360 PTZ controllable.

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can you sure the model?

Both vehicle mounted camera’s are Bosch MIC 7000 IP with IR illumination sets.

The other camera’s in the kits are Hikvision Darkfighter X models.

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So you have to manually control the PTZ to get a 360 view. What about a camera that offers a 360 degree view by default? I think its really 4 feeds combined to create a panoramic view. Can that some how be mounted on a vehicle so the mast doesnt block any angle? Otherwise I guess you would have to mount 4 cameras on the mast facing outward?

Indeed, we prefer to manually control the PTZ camera (locally or remote) so we can track people or objects.

Also 360 degree camera’s have a limited field of view depth wise and doesn’t offer the zooming capability that is needed for our usage.

Having said that 360 degree camera’s are an interesting technology that we would like to experiment with, we just don’t see a use case for it right now.

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