[Case study preview] What does the British Prime Minister and Peplink got in common?


In February 2014, following a devastating storm, the Dawlish railway tracks in Devon, England collapsed and were left hanging in mid-air.
A national emergency was declared. Many high profile parties got involved, including the Prime Minister. The railway had to be repaired and train service restored within a two-month deadline.
The best contractors were brought in, including Trellisworks, a leading networking solution provider. Trellisworks was put in charge of coming up with a construction communications solution that could be deployed in such an inaccessible environment and withstand challenging weather conditions.


  • Extensive Wi-Fi network
  • Secure, flexible, resilient solution
  • Must transmit large amounts of data


  • Pepwave MAX HD4 LTE
  • Pepwave MAX HD2
  • Peplink Balance 710
  • Unbreakable Cellular Bonding
  • Trellisworks custom antenna


  • Easy transmission of large blueprints
  • Resilient cellular WAN from multiple providers
  • Secure transmission of sensitive data
  • 25Mbps down and 12Mbps up over 3G.
  • Highly adaptable to changes

“The challenges of providing robust and reliability connectivity in an environment like Dawlish cannot be underestimated.”*

[RIGHT]- Jim Kernahan, co-founder of Trellisworks

8 SIMs. 3 custom dual antennas. Numerous Pepwave MAX HD4 and HD2 routers. Working together, this equipment provides an extensive Wi-Fi network to the surrounding area. An area so remote that it is unreachable by the nation’s LTE cell towers. An area so weather-torn that 80 meters of its sea wall were destroyed by pounding February storm waves. Those waves also took down a vital set of railway tracks, paralyzing much of the traffic between Dawlish and the rest of the UK.

A Nation Mobilizes

When the sea wall fell, the incident was quickly declared a national emergency. The UK’s “Cobra” crisis management committee was brought in to handle the situation, with Prime Minister David Cameron eventually taking over the chairmanship.

Over 300 homes were evacuated due to the flooding that followed. The power was out and public transportation cut off. The area was not only uninhabitable but still faced unpredictable weather.

Cobra ordered train services to resume within two months. They brought in the best construction contractors to do the urgent repair work. To support the entire site’s networking needs, Cobra chose the wireless network experts at Trellisworks.

High-Availability Communications Support a High-Pressure Rebuild

Bam Nuttall, the construction company, required Wi-Fi access covering the whole site, provisioning guest access as well as visitors, press, and Cabinet office personnel. Bam Nuttall also needed high bandwidth to handle large blueprint file transfers efficiently and securely. If that wasn’t enough, the network would need to guarantee high availability.

Trellisworks chose Peplink and Pepwave devices in order to create an Unbreakable Cellular Bonding connection. They closed down a large car park and put a cabin in place to house the Pepwave MAX HD2s and HD4 as well to act as a mobile office. Everything was then connected to a Balance 710 at Bam Nuttall’s data center. The resulting solution delivered high bandwidth using bonded cellular connections, high resilience enabled by cellular provider diversity, and military-grade encryption provided by Peplink’s Unbreakable VPN.

**Ahead of Schedule

£35 million and less than two months later, train service resumes ahead of schedule.

Everyone had a vital part to play in achieving such a remarkable feat, and David Cameron revisited the site to congratulate the team and reopen the tracks. Repair work continues, albeit at a slower pace that accommodates the recently restored train schedule.

**“The Peplink solution that Trellisworks created was absolutely vital to the smooth running of this project and ensured that the team on site were able to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues who were not based at Dawlish.”

[RIGHT]** -Rob Youster, IT Director at BAM Nuttall.**