Capture email from captive portal for use it in landing page


¿How can i retrieve email entered in captive portal login to use it in my “landing page”?


Would you able to elaborate further for this ?


I want to capture this email from captive portal:

And use in my custom “landing page” (in php) when the user is redirected when confirm his email.


We will add a captive portal option in future IC2 releases which could enable passing the guest’s submitted information to the specified landing page URL as URL parameters. The information will be an email for the email mode, a phone number for the SMS mode, social user ID for the social mode, a user ID for the guest account mode, or a token code for the token mode. ETA: Q4, 2018. Thanks for your suggestion.


Thank you, it’s what I need.

But in the meantime, is there another way to fetch the email (using the IC2 API perhaps?) and associate with the current user?


Sorry, it is not possible at this moment.


Hello @Michael,
Any update on this feature?

Will this also work for webhooks?

We also have a client that would like to be able to extract the collected details automatically via InControl2 API so that they can send thanks to members that use the Wi-Fi.
An alternative to using the API would be to have the details emailed automatically to the clients dedicated processing email address.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


As the release of 2.8 has been delayed, this feature is also delayed. We are sorry about that. The feature is targetting at IC 2.8.2 which shall be available on earth and mars in Q2 tentatively.