Captive Portal - Internet gateway

Will the pep link device work as a captive portal to limit users data usage i.e set limits per user for data ?
If so will the portal work without internet ?

Just to make sure I am on the right page, you are looking to limit LAN to LAN traffic from users? I am a little confused on the “will the portal work without internet”.

Nope Lan to WAN

“will the portal work without internet”
It needs to authenticate users when there is no internet as the wan connection will be going up and down…


Possible to let us know the final requirement for the captive portal ? Why you still needs to authenticate users when WAN connection is down ?

Basically captive portal will prompt up (HTTP traffics redirected to captive portal) as long as HTTP traffics reach to the Balance LAN interface.

In production network, you will always find that the captive portal is not prompt up when WAN connection is down. This is related to the DNS resolution for the internet traffics.

For more information please refer to the internet traffics flow below:

  1. User Launch Internet Browser

  2. User key in URL need to visit - example: & Enter

  3. DNS resolve happen - Seem WAN is down, thus DNS resolve fail and HTTP traffics is not generated and send out from Internet Broswer (Captive Portal will not prompt up here).

If able to make the DNS resolve successful & HTTP traffics is generated and reach to Balance LAN interface, captive portal still will prompt although WAN connection is down.

Work Around:
Add Local DNS Records - refer to

When WAN down: User browse to, captive portal still will prompt up for the connections.

Thank You