Captive Portal. InControl or Webadmin?

OK. I have probably done wrong but am in a circle here. First, purchased a balance 380router and an AP enterprise. Easy. set it up. setup a portal on ONE of my SSIDs. Next purchased switches and more APs and deployed InControl. Problem is…my APs are “attached or managed” by my router. Thats not a problem maybe but my portal was wiped out because I created several VLANS by way of InControl. I can’t seem to add an SSID that is transmitted to the router and if I create one on the router it is wiped out by InControl.


I dont seem to have much help here. Can anyone help?

Look like you have enabled Vlan, SSID, and Captive Portal management from InControl2. If so, please do the configuration in InControl2 instead of the devices. You may get help from your point of purchase if you need further help for the implementation.

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