Can't get Balance One to control AP One AC mini

I have a Balance One (firmware version 6.1.2) and 2 AP One AC minis (firmware version 3.5.0 build 1452). So far I:

  • Turned off InControl in the Balance
  • Connected to the APs and set System->Controller->Controller Type to AP Controller

On the Balance, I can see events indicating that the APs are connecting to the Balance (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX: Online), but when I go to Info and AP Status, I don’t see a way to control these APs. All I can see is the built in AP.

Any thoughts?



Balance One with v6.1.2 can’t manage AP One AC Mini. Please upgrade Balance One to v6.2.

Thanks TK!

When I clicked Check for Firmware, I got “No update available”, but you’re right - there is a 6.2 version on the site. I’ll update tomorrow when I get to the office!

Works now! The Balance One firmware check indicated that it was up to date, but when I manually updated to 6.2 AP Controller worked great. Thanks!