Can't even ping my Peplink Balance 20 - HELP!

I’m in the process of moving and was dismantling part of my system, when I noticed my Comcast cable modem had lost power. I plugged it back in and it seemed fine, but I had no internet connection. I connected the computer directly to the modem and connecting to the internet is fine. I cycled the modem and the Balance 20 and reconnected them - still no connection. I changed cables, tried different ports, nothing. I then reset the Balance 20 using a paper clip multiple times and no connection. Unplugged, replugged in multiple times and still can’t connect to it. When I have my computer directly connected to the Balance 20, by any of the LAN ports and try to ping it, the ping fails. I’ve tried everything, but can’t even connect to the Balance 20 to get to the admin interface.

Anyone have any ides??? Thanks.


Hi Mike,

Appreciate if you can open ticket at

Just opened a support ticket - thanks.