Can't connect to router


I have a problem with my Peplink Balance 20 in that if I leave it alone for too long I then can’t connect to it unless I unplug it and plug it back in again. It’s in this state as I write this. There is no issue at all with routing to the Internet and my LAN - that works fine. But my browser says that it can’t connect to the web interface. Both Firefox and IE fail. Also I just checked and I see that the status is “offline” in InControl2.

If I power off and on the router I can then connect no problem. If I use the admin interface at least every couple of weeks it seems to be fine. If I ignore it for more than a few weeks it goes into a complete sulk and refuses to communicate. I don’t have a many devices in my LAN and for sure the Peplink router is the only one with it’s IP address.

This is not a new issue. It has been happening for a couple of years - I think it’s always been there. I never got around to asking for help before.

I really don’t like pulling out the power lead and any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.


ps I am using a wired connection through a switch and I have tried rebooting the switch but that has made no difference.
pps I can ping the router no problem.


Thank you for all of the information provided thus far. I would ensure that the unit is on current firmware:

Also, for us to check further, if you could create a support ticket and download/send us a diagnostic report (downloaded from status tab):

Hello Jarid,

Who’s “all”? Was I part of some bigger problem?

Anyway I can’t download a diagnostic report if I can’t access the router. Of course I can restart it and access it, but I hope the report will still be useful for you when I don’t have access problems.

Regards, Steven
ps I’m on current firmware.

all was in regards to the information and a reboot will normally erase most of the messages but it’ll give us something to look at. We can help monitor the device as well if you could turn on on remote assistance. We can go over the particulars via the ticket.

My apologies. I misread your message - my brain processed “thank you all”. :frowning:

I did another reboot and now I have access to the web interface again. However, I shall be blocked again in a few weeks if I don’t access it again in the meantime.

I have filed a support ticket as suggested. Thanks for all your help.