Can't access modem's web server through balance one

One of our WANs is connected to a modem that will assign public IPs to connected devices. Balance One connects through PPOE to the modem.

Problem: can’t connect to the modem’s web server through the Balance One. Works when connecting directly a PC to the modem. Can ping the modem through Balance One.

Create outbound policy for modem’s local subnet address (ex. and force it to WAN where you have this modem connected to.

Thanks @SotYPL!

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Thanks!This helped me on another case!.

To make thing more complex:
This modem has a public IP address and will assign a public IP address to the Balance One, but at the same time will also allow connections through the private IP address Basically the web server on the modem will only allow access to the web interface through the private address for security reasons.
The problem is that once the Balance One will get a public IP address, it won’t be possible to access modem’s private IP address…
Apart from changing momentarily Balance One config to connect to the modem through a fixed private IP address in the network, doo you see any other possible tweak?

Have you found this is actually what happens? Our experience has been uniformly different. We routinely go into the “back” side of a modem (most commonly while it is in use and having been assigned a routable address via DOCSIS.

The problem is that once the Balance One will get a public IP address, it won’t be possible to access modem’s private IP address…

Yes, the modem has 4 Ethernet ports, and, depending on its configuration, it may assign addresses on each port depending on the client config/request.
I have tweaked the configuration in a way the balance One will be assigned a public IP to allow VPN access, however once this happens, no connection to the private network/address will be allowed from that specific port. Oh, well, I’ll leave an extra cable connected to the modem and when required plugin in a laptop to manage configuration. All in all, this does not happen so often

OK. It looks like this is more than just a modem. Questions:

  1. Can you provide a make/model?
  2. You are saying that once the modem is assigned a public address you can no longer access the web server in the modem from any of the switch ports in the LAN side? Disconnect the WAN cable and you can once again access the web server?
  3. Do you have the modem set up in “bridge” mode?

Thanks Rick.

  1. Indeed, this a modem router. Unfortunately seems to be a proprietary modem built for our ISP. Here’s the Italian-only manual
  2. No, only from the public-IP-assigned port. I’d have to try to connect from another port when at least one public IP has been assigned to the first port
  3. The modem is by default (and this cannot be modified) configured in Bridged+Routed mode

Hello Rick, I am back on this problem. So to clarify:

  • The modem/router is on and has 4 Ethernet ports
  • one port is connected to Balance one, which is configured to PPPoE the modem. In turn it will get a public IP address
  • While the above is running, once another device will be plugged to one of the remaining Ethernet modem’s ports, it will get a private IP from the modem’s DCHP server. Access to the web interface will be possible.

Conclusion: a device connected to the modem might “dial up” PPPoE and get a public address, but once done, traffic to modem’s web interface will be denied, although a BalanceOne rule will attempt diverting traffic to the modem private LAN segment to the PPPoe WAN .

I guess this is by design. From a modem perspective, this is done to protect (NAT+firewall) any access to the modem’s private LAN