Cannot Stream Sirius XM

I cannot seem to stream Sirius XM while using my Pepwave Surf SOHO. It does not work in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or through my Yamaha Receiver. It doesn’t even work via the Sirius XM app on my Nexus 6P when I am connected to the Pepwave Wi-Fi. Something in the Surf is blocking it. I have been able to get it back temporarily by manually setting DNS servers to Google, Level 3, etc. This works for a couple of hours and then the Sirius stream stops working yet again. I am running out of DNS servers to use.


Please try on latest firmware version to confirm this will help.

Upgrading the firmware does not help. I am also unable to visit some websites, for example. Changing the DNS servers does not help. I’ve tried Open DNS, Google and my local ISP.

Have you contacted your local ISP? This definitely sounds like they are blocking or something…

I think it might be my modem. I switched the connection on the Surf from the cable to my wireless hotspot and everything started working. Then when I switched it back, I could not pull an IP address from the cable modem. I had to reboot the modem 3 times to successfully pull an IP address.