Cannot stay connected to Pepwave Soho

I’m having trouble staying connected to my Pepwave Surf Soho. I will connect via wifi to the Pepwave to access the admin area and my Macbook disconnects after about 20 seconds. I’m sure it has something to do with no internet connection. I need to get into the admin area to connect it to the internet but can’t stay long enough before my Macbook disconnects. Is my Macbook disconnecting or is the Pepwave kicking me off? Any solutions? Technical information: The issue is with a new Macbook, (Mojave 10.14.6) No issues with old Macbook. Pepwave Surf SOHO, Firmware: 7.0.0 build 2445.

The Surf SOHO is very happy to talk to you even when it is not connected to the Internet. That is not the problem. Why not use Ethernet? Its always better to use Ethernet anyway, especially when you will making Wifi configuration changes. Or use the old Macbook. First get the router configured, firmware updated, etc, then worry about Wifi from one particular computer.


Ethernet connection is broken on the Pepwave and the older computer is dead, hence the new computer. Having said that, firmware has been updated, rebooted the system and still dropping the wifi connection.

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Try and delete the plist files.

These are located in Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration.