Cannot Log Into Router


I have a Pepwave Surf Soho Mk3 that I have so far been unsuccessfully trying to get setup for remotewebaccess in Server Essentials 2012 R2. I’ve read what I could find here in settings without success. I have been changing settings and flailing about. Suddenly, I can no longer access the router at all. Does not even bring up a log in page when I type in the local IP address. Just refuses a connection to it’s IP address via a browser. That said the network is working just fine everything is up and running. Is it possible that I have messed up the settings so that no one can log into the router?

I have updated the router fairly recently and I believe (and hope to God) saved the settings somewhere. Not sure where though or what the file name extension is…

Any help appreciated before I commit hari kari.


Nevermind. I put my hari kari sword away. I changed the remote access port on the router away from port 80 to avoid a conflict with “anywhere access” required by the 2012 R2 server…and then forgot about it. Adding the new port number to the local IP and everything is OK. Still cannot get Anywhere Access to work on 2012 R2 even with UPnP set on the router and manually tweaked. Says "Anywhere Access service is blocked.


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