Cannot get to internal Server after subnetting public IP range

I’m having an issue routing public facing webservers after splitting our public /25 into two /26 subnets.

This is what I had before splitting /25

Cisco ISP router —> /25 (drop in mode) -->Sonicwall

Below is what I have setup after splitting the /25 into two /26

Cisco ISP router --> /26 (drop in mode) --> Sonicwall
–> /26 NAT (this subnet has all public webservers)

I did this so I could use the peplink to control throughput to Webservers, but I’m assuming NAT needs to be IP forwarding since the IP address are public IP address NAT through the Sonicwall.

Not exactly sure what you meant here.
You are using the set of /26 public IP behind the Sonicwall?

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NVM, I had a double NAT situation going on. I figured out my issue, the solution was sleep.