Can you choose different upload and download band on BR1 ?

The back story is after using Band 41 for almost 2 years, suddenly the upload speed went to less than 1MBps, peak times I may get 200kbps. I’m using 2 Yagi antennas on a 50ft tower with line of sight to a Sprint tower approx. 1.5 mi away. I was told that when T-Mobile bought out Sprint, they deprioritized b/w on band 41 to put 5G on it. It’s only affecting upload it seems…as I’m still getting decent d/l speed. Can’t do a Zoom call during the day because of the dismal u/l speed.
I notice the Pepwave has the capability of supporting 2 SIM cards, although I’ve tried testing use of SIM card B (since the Pepwave reports it as detected) it seems there really isn’t a 2nd SIM B because it won’t say “in use” when I change settings to use it. Since band 41 gives me 30M download and less than 1M upload, and Band 25 gives me at least 2-3M upload but 500k -1.5 download… I was wondering if I had a 2nd SIM card I could get the best of both…resulting in good d/l from b41 and acceptable u/l from b25. I thought it would be worth asking. I guess there would need to be a setting that let’s you choose which band you want for d/l and which for u/l which I don’t see. Thanks in advance

What device are you using?
Sim Card B is only used in standby, I’m pretty sure based on the description you are providing the device only has one cellular radio.