Can you allow one way inter-VLAN traffic?

I have a question about routing of traffic between VLANs.

Given three VLANs:

VLAN 1: General network
VLAN2: IOT network
VLAN10: Private network

I need to be able to allow VLAN10 to access devices on VLAN1 and VLAN2, but not allow VLANs 1 or 2 devices from seeing/accessing any VLAN10 devices.

In addition, I want to be able to have VLAN1 access VLAN2 devices, but not allow VLAN2 to access/see any VLAN1 devices (or as mentioned above, any VLAN 10 devices).

Is this possible in the Balance series routers?

There are 2 components to inter-vlan traffic…

  1. Routing
  2. Firewall Rules.

The routing is all or nothing, but the firewall rules can be written to do what you are asking for.