Can we get more then 2 IPSec tunnels on the Balance 20/30/210/310?

I know that the Balance 20’s are meant for smaller offices but, when you have multiple small offices and you need to tie them all together you have to get a 305 which is way over kill. Is it possible for you get get an unlock code to get you more then 2 or an update that would give you more then 2? Or give us the ability to do some routing from IPSec to Pepvpn? same question for the 30 210 and 310?

Hi James,

We do not have such unlock key.

Anyway, routing between SpeedFusion and IPSec is possible. Below is the example and settings for IPSec (Note: Configure SpeedFusion as usual).

Network Diagram

HQ settings

Branch 2 settings

Hope this help.

my question is how is branch number 1 going to know how to get information to branch number 2?

The reason why i bring this up is we have 5 sites that are really small, have 10 users at the main HQ site then 4 branch sites with 5 or less people at them. The 4 branches need to be able to get to the HQ site and then they all need to be able to get to each other as well. Each site has its own unique ip address scheme. I can get all 4 branches to connect to the HQ site but now i need to route traffic from the Pepvpn site to one of the sites that have ipsec. As well as from Pepvpn site to pepvpn site. If that makes sense.