Can’t edit carrier start date

As the topic says, I’m not able to edit the start date for a carrier:

How do I change this?

If the answer is to delete the pool, will I lose any data?

Hi @tim.rohrer

Unfortunately you can’t change the start day for the SIM Pool. However, when I have made that mistake, or the SIM provider changes the start day for the monthly allowance, I don’t delete the original SIM pool. Instead I create a new pool using the same IMSI number(s) - when you create this new SIM pool there is an option to enter the amount of data already used for this monthly cycle. This can be found by looking at the daily cellular usage for the device(s) - hopefully you aren’t too far into the next monthly cycle!

After configuring the notifications, etc save the new SIM Pool. After a while, the new SIM pool will update to show the allowance already used (as entered) compared to the amount of data available for the month. At this point I delete the original SIM Pool.

I hope this helps,


Thanks, @SteveTaylor.

Does this mean the pool I create will be displayed under custom pools instead of under the carrier pools?

If I decided to delete the pool, does it recreate and give me the opportunity to enter the correct period?

Thanks again!

Hi @tim.rohrer,

Yes the New SIM Pool would appear as a custom pool. However, I have just deleted my own carrier SIM Pool - it re-appeared immediately allowing me to configure it again.

I would still recommend creating a custom SIM pool first - using the IMSI numbers from the carrier SIM Pool. Estimate the usage so far for the current cycle for this new SIM pool.

I hope this helps,