Can peplink balance be used with p2p links?

Hi Guys,

So just would like know if peplink balance can only be used with WAN links? I mean can that not be used with P2P links or internal links as a replacement of OSPF or BGP?

I have a scenario like this and wondering if peplink balance can be used instead of cisco switch and then configure OSPF on those?

I have site A, B and C. each has 2 mbps Internet links plus B has dual wan link

Site A connected to B with 2 MB dedicated link
Site C Connected to B with 2 MB dedicated link as well.

We are planning to add one more link between Site A To Site B and Site C to Site B. Hence planning to use Cisco switches and then configure OSPF between those. Now my question is Can I use Peplink balance instead of switches and I need to achieve

  1. Redundancy between links
  2. Bonding of links thus double the BW
  3. Protocol specific routing over particular link?

I have enclosed my existing diagram herewith.

Hi Blason,

Your existing network diagram is not matched with your given description, request you to check once and update the correct scenario.


A bit confused on your explanation if compare to the provided diagram. I believe site B is the Central site right?

Anyway Peplink can achieve your requirements above which using our SpeedFusion Bonding Technology. You may refer here.

Below is the answer of your questions:-

  1. Redundancy between links
    Yes by using SpeedFusion Bonding.

  2. Bonding of links thus double the BW
    Yes by using SpeedFusion Bonding.

  3. Protocol specific routing over particular link?
    We are using our proprietary protocol which allow to advertise LAN segments to remote peers.

My Bad guys

Yes TK liew, you are right Site B is my centralized site and I need to achieve Link redundancy between two sites using. Now since I have 2 MB link already and planning to go with 4MB per you I can get 6MB traffic by binding those 2 links. Now at every location I have firewalls placed and currently have a static routes pointing so if I am putting Link balancer I need to put those on links on PepLink Balance and configure the routing on Peplink, right?

What configuration changes you guys think needs to be done on Peplink balance? Also i have ERP and SAP server hosted at SiteB and user from Site A and Site C need to access it. Since protocol specific routing can be done I need SAP specified traffic to be routed over to 4 MB/s link. Can that be possible?

And here is the corrected diagram

Hi Blason,

Please find the attached. Basically your firewalls (assume run in NAT mode) just need to configure static routes to Peplink. Peplink will handle the routing among 3 sites. Please take note if you wish to achieve links bonding, you can’t have option to choose particular WAN link for your application. Because both WAN links were bond into 1 link virtually.

Anyway, SpeedFusion Bonding is a recommended solution based on your requirements.

Hope this help.

Great Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Also what mechanism would you recommend to LB the traffic over the two wan links? Plus I can use WAN ports for LB P2P links, right?

Hi Blason,

As mentioned earlier, you can’t choose to load balance traffic over particular WAN link at the moment if you need link bonding.

If you choose to load balance traffic (not bonding) over 2 links, then you can use our Load Balance Algorithm. Please find the differences of LB Algorithm here.

Yes you can load balance P2P link by using Outbound Policy.

Ah, so if I bond those appliances will decide which one to choose and administrator wont have any control on it? And if not and will need to configure outbound policy? And [obviously] no need to configure any dynamic routes on peplink?

Hi Blason,

If you bond the links, traffics will auto load balance into the links via SpeedFusion Tunnel. Administrator do not have control on this at the moment. Anyway, this is in our road map.

If not you need to configure Outbound Policy and dynamic route is not needed.