Can not form Speedfusion between Peplink Balance 210 and Pepwave APOne

Hi Peplink/Pepwave,

I can not form the speedfusion between Peplink Balance 210 (using 4G Modem) and Pepwave AP One.

In Balance 210, Dynamic DNS setting (using was enabled of Mobile Internet port. I input this DNS Hosts name to AP One under Speedfusion. However, it can not success to form the speedfusion between these two devices.

I have checked the IP address is in my A/C and the Balance 210 Dashboard page Mobile Internet was show This is not consist with my A/C IP address.

Is any settings I missed cause the speedfusion can not establish?

When the AP One tries to communicate to the Balance, the AP will use the IP of via with your current settings. However, the actual IP that your Balance is getting is, which is a private IP from the modem, not the public IP such as I would talk to the carrier of the modem to see if they can bridge through a public IP address or not.