Can I request a specific or multiple Wan/ISP from the user end

Is there a way to request a specific or multiple WAN/ISP from the user end for HTTP request. I have multiple ISP/WAN connections and some are whitelisted to certain sites while others are not, Is there a way to request a specific WAN from the user end by something like IP address and port, and if so is it also possible to request more then one at the same time by the same user. I currently have an http specialized browser where I can input multiple proxy servers by IP/domain and port to be able to open each connection simultaneously in it’s own window, so I would like to do this with the WAN/ISP connected to Peplink.

For the Peplink to choose a WAN link for traffic it needs to either identify the traffic by source (IP, Subnet or MAC) or destination (IP DNS name etc).

So if you want to control this from the user end, you need to do that by IP or MAC. you could have virtual interfaces with multiple MAC addresses on the same device…

Or your application could use the device API to change the outbound policy on the Peplink everytime you want the traffic to go a different way. That is a bit more clunky depending on exactly what you are doing.

Or you could have multiple SSIDs on different subnets which could be routed to different WANs of course.

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