Can I install Firmware 6.3.2 on Balance 30 (NOT LTE)?

I have a Balance 30 (product code BPL-031). Note: no “LTE” in the product name or product code.

The firmware “Download and Upgrade” button in the web UI claims to work (switches to a new page saying “upgrade in progress…” but the upgrade never takes place.

Going to the Peplink firmware download page, there is a download button for the Balance 30 LTE but NOT for the Balance 30 (no LTE). The family comparison page says that the 30 LTE has only 2 WAN connectors, while my 30 has three, so they may be different enough to have “issues” with the firmware.

Why does the internal upgrade not work? Is there a version of 6.3.2 that I would work if I dounload and manually upload to install?

Please help to open ticket for us to take closer look. Thank you.