Can I do THIS with the new firmware? (6.3)

Equipment is Balance 30. Have not installed new firmware yet. Does not seem to solve the only dilemma I have, but thought it worth asking before giving up. RE the new SCHEDULING feature:

**TASK: We have a configuration change that must be manually done twice a day. We alter which WAN connection a specific LAN connection uses. By day we have traffic from let’s say LAN 1 to be routed primarily through WAN 1. By night the same traffic must primarily go through WAN 2.
The way we have been manually effecting that is with Outbound Policy. There is simply a rule for the LAN connection that maps it to the specific WAN connection. Twice a day we have to edit that rule to repoint to the other WAN connection and back.

The new scheduling feature in 6.3 seems to allow automatically switching from one outbound policy to another. Great. Except… there is only ONE custom profile choice (and we are using it). It seems I would need TWO custom profile choices though to give us two different custom profiles to switch between; one to point LAN 1 to WAN 1, and another to point LAN 1 to WAN2.

I need two custom choices to accomplish this. Agreed? If so, is there another way to automate the process of accomplishing above task?


Hi Jim,

This can be achieved with the configuration below.

  1. Create 2 schedules
  • Schedule1 - define a schedule for day time.
  • Schedule2 - define a schedule for night time.
  1. Define 2 Outbound Policies
  • Outbound Policy1 - Route LAN1 to WAN1, associate with Schedule1.
  • Outbound Policy2 - Route LAN1 to WAN2, associate with Schedule2.

Hope this help.

Thanx. I am not seeing how I can create more than 1 outbound policy. The 6.2 fw has only 1 customization policy (and two fixed policies that can’t be altered). I am assuming this is the same in 6.3 because the user guide has a screenshot of the available policies and it is the same (1 custom / two fixed.).


This can be done. Please find the screen shot below (Network > Outbound Policy).

Thank you TX. I’m looking at the screenshot. What is it I’m supposed to see? I see the “custom” entry. But still there is only 1 entry. Clicking on the symbol to the right does not allow me to add a second custom entry. It just gives me the choice of switching between the [one] custom choice and the two predefined choices. If I switch to a predefined choice and try to alter it buy adding a rule, I am immediately prompted to switch to the CUSTOM profile. So I am still seeing only ONE profile that I can customize. Therefore how can I schedule switching between two custom profiles?

Is it possible we are confusing the term “profile” with the term “rule”? I know that I can have as many rules as I like. But the scheduling feature refers to “profiles”.

Keep in mind I am still on 6.2 (I do not wish to upgrade until confirmation that the scheduler will work for me). Is it possible that 6.3 allows one to add additional custom profiles, even though the 6.3 documentation does not indicate so?


You will not see the scheduling options until you upgrade to 6.3.0 firmware. You can easily switch back to 6.2 with the click of the button though.

Thank you Tim. I realize the scheduling option won’t be there until I upgrade. But that’s not what I’m asking. ;>

I’m asking if there will be an option for multiple custom profiles (so that the scheduler can switch between the two). According to the 6.3 user guide there is still only one custom profile available.

You do not need multiple custom profiles in order to do this. “Custom” is just the general setting for the outbound policy and there is no need or option to make additional ones. Instead you will make the outbound rules within the custom profile by clicking on “Add Rule” as shown above.

As TK mentioned above, you will create your two schedules and then create two outbound rules to accomplish this.

Good. I’ll give it a try.

Upgraded fw and set up the schedules. Seems to work great. Thanx again.

Thanks for the update :up:

There is one other aspect to programming our WAN connections that also requires manual intervention. I don’t think the peplink will do exactly what I want, but I didn’t think the above problem could be so well addressed either. I will post it in a different thread however. :>