Can I configure VOIP to receive calls on my pepwave?

Have a pepwave max transit duo running AT&T and TMobile SIMs - both on regular cellular plans with hotspot allowances.

Would like to know if it is possible for me to connect a VOIP phone to the Max Transit, then configure the pepwave to send calls from one, both or either of the SIMs to the VOIP phone so that I can have a phone running off the pepwave. No need for load balancing. Just send any calls received on the either of the SIMs to the connected VOIP phone.

No its not. The modems in the Transit are configured as data modems and do not support voice calls.

Better (and cheaper) to use a VoIP service and turn on hot-failover to make it reliable even when on the move or in areas where cell coverage is variable.

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i have several voip phones on peplink devices. use speed fusion smoothing for a rock solid/stable connection across multiple WANs. do the same for wifi calling/texting.

as Martin said, peplink are data only devices, and typically you can only put data only SIMs into hotspots, so even if the peplink supported it, the carrier/plan likely would not.