Can I combine two MAX-OTG devices via a load balancer?



I don’t need bonding, but I do like the ability to combine multiple cell modems into one single wifi signal. I do this now with a single max-on-the-go, but I was wondering if it is possible to plug two or more max otgs into a load balancing router?

So essentially, two OTGs with four USB modems, plugged into a load balancing router, and the router then has an wifi access point plugged into it (… so not using any of the wifi on the max otgs).

Alternatively, could I plug the 2nd max-otg into the 1st max-otg’s WAN port? And if so, could I daisy chain as many as I wanted going this route (e.g. combine four max-otgs by daisy chaining max-otgs via the wan ethernet port).

Is this possible, would performance take a hit? I know it isn’t ideal as the balancer really doesn’t know how each separate Max OTG is balancing.



The more modems you add to a MOTG the more resources it needs to manage the USB devices. Although you can theoretically dasy chain them, the bottleneck becomes the max router throughput of the last one in the chain.

I would suggest if you want to do this, that you get a balance one, and put MOTG’s on the WAN ports. the B One can optionally have up to 5 WANs activated with an additional license, You’ll get much netter performance that way - and AC WiFi too.