Can I Accept multiple duplicate public IP instances of a service routed to different servers on VLAN

I am looking at the Peplink Balance One Core 600Mbps Dual-WAN Router (BPL-ONE-CORE) with this question.

For years have used Netgear FVS318Gv2 Gigabit router. It supports only 60 Mbps download speed, I have access to 170 Mbps down w/ Comcast Business Class Internet, want to take advantage of it. The Netgear has easily supported different public IPs offering same port service e.g. http, coming from differenet public IPs, to be passed through to different servers on VLAN private IPs. I have tried recent Cisco and LinkSys routers, and both limit port pass through to ONE instance, i.e. I could only accept one incoming HTTP session. Below are my rules in my current router for access. I need to replicate this. as I have two servers on different VLAN IPs offering http/https, and one is my email server requiring multiple ports open.

Reading online manual Peplink Balance User Manual, it looks like the Peplink Balance Router 2 would provide what I need to replace my old Netgear router.

Note: I do not care about VPN, my main concern is NAT and ability to host multiple servers on the private VLAN with same services from different public IPS. I.e. two servers host two different HTTP services, different published public IP numbers. I am retired, this is my internal VLAN network supporting my web and email servers, data servers, and my ongoing hobby business.

Public IP on router is set up as: Five IPs plus one Gateway IP provided by Comcast.
Use static IP address: Yes
IP Address:
IP Subnet Mask:
Gateway IP Address:

These are the current rules in the Netgear router, which does the job, I just want the 3x speed I have access to now.
Inbound Services
! Index Service Name Filter LAN Server IP Address LAN Users WAN Users QOS Profile Destination Bandwidth Profile Log Action
1 HTTP ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
2 RemoteDesktop BLOCK always Any NONE NONE Never
3 HTTP ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
4 HTTPS ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
5 IMAP ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
6 IMAPS ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
7 SMTPS ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
8 SSH:TCP ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
9 SMTP ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never
10 SMTPS587 ALLOW always Any NONE NONE Never

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this can be done via Port Forwarding the external ip to the appropriate servers.

Balance One Port Forwarding

Do not forget to allow the inbound traffic in the Firewall section.



Agree with Theo -this is possible.

FYI This is not required if default allow any/any rule is in place.

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