Bundling Multiples Layer-2 MPLS circuits


Can I bundle multiples MPLS layer-2 circuits using PEPLINK to have a heigher capcity of total circuits. For example, bundling 2 MPLS circuits each of them with capacity 2 Mbps using two PEPlink boxes to have 4 Mbps as an output.

Please note I dont want to distrbute the traffic and do load balancing for the traffic.

See the attached diagram for more explenation.


This looks similar to SpeedFusion deployments that have wireless bridge links connecting the Balance routers. Private IP addresses can be used for WAN links, and no default gateway is required when WAN1 of Balance A can reach WAN1 of Balance B on the same IP network for example. Fake DNS entries should be used if there is no internet access.

SpeedFusion will provide LAN to LAN communication, and one side can force all traffic through the SpeedFusion VPN.