Built-in speedtest is finally happening!

Yaw Theng Replied at 09 Jun 2022 22:34

Hi Richard,
Refer to 1.png and 2.png, you may press on that little bell icon and you will see the release note.
Currently, only Venus IC2 is running v2.11.0. Earth IC2 and Mars IC2 are still on v2.10.0.
For the speedtest feature you mentioned, it needs the combination of IC2 v2.11.0 and Balance firmware v8.3.0. As of now, firmware v8.3.0 is still under development. Thanks.

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Hello Peplink Team. A loolonnnggg time coming - THANK YOU!! The new flash indicates it should be there now but I can not find the setting in IC2 nor fw v8.3.0. If you could point us in the right direction, that would be extremely helpful.


Read above “Still under development”…

I’ve requested beta firmware but haven’t heard back


With all due respect to the Peplink dev team: This shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Just add iperf3 running in server mode. Done.

EnGenius APs all have it. (Though, curiously enough, their network switches do not.) Our Synology NAS didn’t, but I was able to add it.

iperf3 is available for nearly every extant platform on the planet, incl. Apple and Android mobile devices.

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I requested this feature six (6) years ago!

With all due respect to you: What do you expect such a feature to give you?

Sure, it’d be nice to have and all, but, being a retired network engineer, myself, I don’t regard it as any kind of “must-have.” I can tell how well my LAN/WLAN is performing by other means, and the same for my cellular modem WAN connection.

I can see why this would be a very low priority on their list.

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Its much more than just adding iperf - we have iperf in the wan analysis toolset already. Plus the Peplink way is also making it easy to use by normal users.

So it’s also adding reporting and scheduling and making the automated speedtest process muli-wan aware / capable.

And even then, since most people test with speedtest.net on their devices rather than iperf, you also want the speedtest client and tests for latency. And then you want notifications when a device that was speed testing well no longer is.

There is some good stuff coming. Did we all wish we had it sooner - yes of course. But it is coming (thanks @Rexymav for requesting it all those years ago) :slight_smile:


Thanks Martin and though I retired three years ago I still try to keep my head in the game and keep up on things. It would be nice to see this feature made available for the benefit of other users and check it off.


Here is why I need it. I remotely manage an RV park that is 5 hours away. I have 3 internet connections on a Balance router. I need to be able to test the speed of each internet connection individually. I need it to tell the router what the upload and download bandwidth is so that it will distribute traffic accordingly, and two, to see how much my providers are throttling my connection.

Kacee – I’m just revisiting this thread. Your application seems entirely reasonable. The existing tool located at System → Tools → WAN Analysis is inadequate? (This is what @MartinLangmaid pointed out.) We run this against “known-good,” high-bandwidth installations such as one of our Solos running under Vultr or one of our customers’ routers behind “big pipes.” We’re quite confident of the validity of the results.


V8.3.0b01 build 5278 is available now in beta and it has all sorts of interesting things though I haven’t found the speed test feature yet. Check out all of the new Web Admin options!

Did this never happen? speed test?

Speedtest is part of inControl and is present for all models with 8.3.0 firmware or later.

The WAN Analysis is the only one that can run locally on the device.

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