Broken cellular connection on Max BR1 router

was wondering if anyone can help me since pepwave won’t warranty my router and the company mobile must have are not providing any help.

the cellular connection on my router has broke. seem to me that SMA connection used was faulty as the threads are what broke. Pepwave says it’s nottheir problem and denied warranty claim. I’ve had the router since december Last year.  I purchased it from the company mobile must have  and they just tell me they can’t help and that the router is basically trashed and I need a new one. I find it hard to believe a $600 router is ruined by a $5 part!

Photos of the connector in question please. And where in the country are you?

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I am currently in Jackson, WY. Its the cellular port on the router…the screw threads snapped.
I am away from the router right now so that’s the only pic I have.

Ok so that is significant damage to the port. There is no quick fix.

You have two options, you could log a ticket with Peplink support and request a price for out of warranty repair. Be warned it has to go all the way back to QA/ engineering team so will cost a bit to ship and take some time.

Or you could call a local TV repair guy and drop it in. They should be able to repair that quite easily assuming the PCB inside has not been damaged.

Finally, you might check your home insurance. Mine has accidental damage cover for my contents including my Peplink tech, and they would likely just buy a new one for you or pay for the tv repair guy to do his thing.

Good luck!

Actually the port on the router case is not damaged At all. The only thing damaged is the connection. I’ve taken it to 5 computer and tv repair companies already and they all said they would need to know what type wire is used? I’ve researched an found replacement wires with the correct SMA connectors but there is multiple types of wires…any idea on the type of wire that pepwave uses?

I would suggest a U132 coax which is a 1.3mm 50 Ohms flex, although not much point buying the wire, just buy a complete cable assembly.

You can get 4 here for $8

Awesome! that’s exactly what I need. Thanks for the help!!!