Brand new pepwave max br1 mk2

Brand new MAX BR1 router, purchased 2 units, first one works fine and the second cannot establish a wifi with any client. Default reset the device, updated the firmware, CPU is always at 100% but any device cannot connect to it. Just says “Incorrect Password” even when there is not password set on the AP SSID. Nothing works. First Pepwave lemon?

We’be purchased 6-10 pepwave devices the past couple of years.

What is the firmware for the second unit that having high CPU load?

Are you able to access the web admin of second unit with ethernet connection? If so, please download the Diagnostic Report and submit a ticket.


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Hi there and thank-you. Yes. I am able to access the LAN interface but Wifi (which is what we need won’t work); Any SSID name, password, no password all give the same message; Incorrect password. Devices sometimes connect for 10 seconds and then disconnect and maybe reconnect automatically again within 5 minutes again.

Will download as you suggested. Disappointed as we have a presentation tomorrow for a large automotive OEM and this was one the core components we sold them. Had one issue with a HD Max4 before where it would power cycle when putting in an ethernet connection but that was quickly fixed with a firmware update. This is not working with either the 8.0.0 or 8.0.1 update. Thanks for the prompt help!

Please attention the ticket to me when you open the ticket. Thanks.

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Will do thanks. Purchased another unit in the meantime so we have a spare.