BR1 SpeedFusion Cloud License auto activated

Hi to everyone,
I have a peplink MAX BR1.
I was checking the logs and I realized that the “SpeedFusion Cloud License” is active.
I haven’t activated it, the router has been reset.
How is this possible?

Thank you so much

Is this a new BR1 or one you have been using for a while?
InControl has pusged a new config it looks like:

What does your InControl operation log say?

I would log a ticket and ask engineering for their input I think.

Sorry Martin,
I was not in office, the store says that the device is new.
The seller says that a speedfusion package is included with the device

Log a ticket so engineering with back office tools can verify warranty /IC2 subscription status.

Sorry man but my client needs the device and i give it back.
Thank you for the support

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