BR1 Showing Incorrect WAN IP Address

I have a BR1 which is the front-end of my camper network. When connected to Verizon LTE via Cellular everything works, except the BR1 is showing an WAN IP address which is different than what my DDNS service is showing. DDNS shows, which is a valid Verizon address, while the BR1 shows, which does not appear to be a Verizon address (at least TraceRT routes it somewhere in New England).

Not that I really care about the actual address, but I’m trying to open a port and port forwarding uses the 100 address, not the 174 address.

Strangely enough, the BR1 correctly showed and forwarded via the 174 address for some minutes following to restart, then reverted to the 100 address.

What up?

This is called Carrier Grade NAT and port forwarding will not work.

You would need to subscribe to a static IP (a one-time charge of $500 on Verizon) or you could spin up a free FusionHub Solo in the cloud with a static IP and port forward in from that.

Way back VZW used to assign public IP addresses and you could port forward. Now most everything is NAT unless you pay $500+ for a static IP. I believe you need a business/commercial account to be eligible for a static IP.

@MartinLangmaid has written extensively on the topic of getting routable access to a carrier-NAT connected device (such as yours). For one such thread, see Pepwave Br1 Mini NAT Type [Video Tutorial Added] - #10 by MartinLangmaid

The $500 for a Verizon static IP address is a one-time fee across your account - for a consumer account that would be $500 for up to ten lines/ten IP addresses.

Good luck.


Thanks to you for the clarification. I learned something, so it must be a good day.

Back to the drawing board in trying to keep my camper in touch with my house.