BR1 MK2 is Now Available!



The wait is over, the BR1 MK2 is here! It’s got a LTE-A modem, carrier certification, and 2x2 MIMO 11ac Wi-Fi! This product is launched concurrently with all previous models of the BR1 so if you prefer the original BR1, it’s still available.

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Looks almost perfect, but pretty concerning to only have 100 Mbps of throughput with a 300 Mbps LTE-A modem and gig-e ports.


Don’t forget 300Mb is the LTE-A ‘theoretical maximum’ speed, in reality you wont get anywhere near it with RF issues from mast to router, plus backhaul contention. I’d be more than happy to get 100Mb or near to it with a single LTE-A connection.


I have to disagree with you on this.

Here, in The Netherlands, I have had many cases where I’ve reached 125 Mbps+ download with various providers on just my mobile phone.
100 Mbps max. throughput is a limitation in my opinion, why use a 300 Mbps LTE-A modem if those speeds are theoretical anyway?
I’m pretty sure there are more countries than just The Netherlands where 100 Mbps+ speeds are actually realistic.

I don’t really see the USP of the MAX BR1 MK2, AC WiFi isn’t really going to explain the pricing gap between the classic BR1 and BR1 MK2 for me.
An increase to 200 Mbps routing troughput would be acceptable, in my opinion.


Here in the US LTE is starting hit 100Mbps+ more regularly, and we have Gigabit LTE Cat-16 device being sold now with carriers starting to deploy now. I would think doing a processor speed bump to go with the revision would be obvious, I agree 200 Mbps at least.

Here is recent AT&T speed test:


The router throughput rating is generally referring to the Ethernet LAN-to-WAN throughput and what we are saying is don’t use this if you are failing over from a 300Mbps cable connection and expect to get that throughput.

This model adds 11AC Wi-Fi as well as support for additional LTE bands, namely B12, B26, and B41. These bands are HUGE if you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer. It also adds support for the European LTE bands.

The app on your smartphone is always going to give better results vs a commercial router as they can easily optimize this traffic.

If you really need something with a higher throughput rating then you could go with the BR1-ENT-LTEA or Transit-LTEA, these will be launching soon as well.



Hello @Tim_S,
We have been rolling out the MAX Transit LTEA routers for a while here in Australia, can you elaberate more on your last comment of “these will be launching soon”.

We have been getting reasonably good performance from the existing fleet of LTEA modems and are very interested in new models Peplink may have on offer.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello @mldowling, I was referring to the US market specifically… It’s a lengthy process over here with the carriers. Thanks