BR1 Mini Time Sync Fails

I have a MAX BR1 Mini (Cat4 Verizon network). Seems to be working but I see two issues:

  1. Occasionally get a Log Message that “Time Synchronization Failed” Then it will go offline for several minutes or more. There is no other information displayed.

  2. The Event Log always displays times that are one our in the future. Status screens, such as the WAN Status show CORRECT local times.

Thanks for any help,

Tom in Virginia

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Can you share a screenshot of your time settings?
Can you confirm it is configured with the correct Time Zone?
You might want to change the Time Sync setting to GPS with Time Server as fallback ; the router will have 2 sources to sync the time with instead of the Time Server only.
This is available in the latest firmware version only.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will post this info when I get to the Router location later today. But I can confirm the Time Zone setting is correct (GMT -4 ). Thanks for the suggestion of going to GPS as an option for Time Setting.

The most annoying part of this, is that upon a “Time Sync Fail” event, it appears to go offline for ~ an hour. Not sure if that is related to this Time Discrepancy.

I know I have weak signal at that location, but it seems to be working, outside of this issue. My next question (another topic) will be about using a yagi to get a few more dB from the tower.


Forgot to mention that I am currently running Firmware Version 8.0.2
I see there is now an upgrade. I will upgrade, but I do not recall seeing a fix for this in the changelog. I did just upgrade the Cellular Module to the latest version, a couple days ago

After changing the settings on the router in my testlab I also started seeing time sync fails in the eventlog; make sure the timeserver configuration is not “greyed out” as it is in the image I posted earlier :laughing:

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