[BR1 mini] need to power cycle unit to get back to functional state

This is a MAX BR1 mini running for a while in LAB environment. It is in the scope of an evaluation process and almost no traffic flows thru it.

We upgraded to 7.0.2 build 2703 last Monday.

We observe that it takes near to 6 days to get the BR1 non functional: it only replies to echo requests on the LAN interface, there is no more routing neither access to the SSH or WebUI. The only way we found to recover from this is to power cycle the box.

The BR1 setup is very basic: two SIM in failover mode. No VPN, no IPSEC, no DHCP, no FW rules, nothing but default routing.

We have setup SNMP polling and observe memory usage growth up to almost all available memory within less 3 days period. It is around 75k at boot, near to 124k before failure.

Did someone faced similar issue ?
Is this a possible memory leak ending into DoS ??? Something wrong in our setup ?

Not sure this is the right place to discuss this ā€¦


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Hi Clementine,

Iā€™m pretty sure this is going to require a Peplink engineer to look into this.

You can open a support ticket here: https://contact.peplink.com/secure/create-support-ticket.html
Please download a diagnostic file from the device after a freeze, and send it along with your support ticket request.

Peplink will then follow up with you on the support ticket.

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Thanks for the advice Joey !

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