BR1 Mini LTE-A Router Throughput

I am looking at a BR1 Mini with the LTE-A modem in it. My concern is the router throughput. Specs list it as 100Mbps. Isn’t this a bottleneck for WIFI as WAN and eventually LTE-A when carriers get above 100Mbps actual speeds? Or am I missing something?

Hi BSmont,

Keep in mind the BR1 Mini is a entry lvl device. At the moment getting 100MBPS on LTE-A is depending on your country and carrier +signal strenght. We have been testing with LTE-A on KPN in the netherlands and the max we could get 800M away with using correct antenna’s was 104Mbps (even tho we did use a higher model that should be capable of more). so it wont really cause a bottleneck yet as most carriers are keeping the Data-rate down to save bandwith in urban area’s.

Hope this is helpfull to you in some way ?

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Hi @bsmontgomery1,

Personally I would’ve liked to see all Peplink/Pepwave LTE-A products with a CAT. 6 module (300 Mbps).
Unfortunatly this is not the case.

I’d advise you to take a look at the MAX BR1 ENT LTE-A or the Balance 30 LTE-A.
Both have router throughputs of 200 Mbps, which might fit your case more.

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